Monday, May 4, 2009

Three or More Tuesday

It's time for Three or More Tuesday again hosted by Tam @ The Gypsy Corner. Make sure to visit her blog to see more fun entries.

Today I just snapped some pictures of obvious sets of triplets around my house.

This was an accidental collection of white wares. I never set out to collect white teapots, tureens, or milk glass. It just happened.

Just thought I'd throw in the melons for fun.

Thanks for dropping by. Happy Tuesday!

Till Next Time,


susan said...

You know I don't consider myself a collector of anything in particular either. And yet, when I look around my house I see that I do buy the things I love over and over...I guess that's a collection, right? :)

xinex said...

Nice collection except for the melons cause I do not eat them, lol....Christine

Chandy said...

I love your choices today Lorna! It's very yummy at the end, too! ;-)

Kammy said...

Happy Tuesday Lorna !
Isn't it funny how we start a collection without knowing it ? How does that happen ?? I love how you displayed your goodies !
Have a great day !
Hugs ~Kammy

marty39 said...

I love your "collections". It seems I suddenly wind up with a lot of different collections too. Your cabinet is gorgeous and so beautifully displayed. The melons were fun. Hugs, Marty

ellen b said...

Love your collections! The white china is great! Happy 3 or more!!

Allidink said...

Lorna! I was at a flea market over the weekend and apparently that thing that looks like a Victorian flower basket is a banana bunch holder...LOL :) Maybe it is. I still think it looks like a Victorian flower basket though LOL :)

All the best,

Kim @ Manning Family Tree said...

Love your collections. You have displayed them really great too. And I love the melons. I could go for one right now. It made me laugh when you included them. Thanks for that!

Julie said...

I love how you have everything displayed. Your collection of milk glass is beautiful. My favorite is the nests...Have a wonderful Tuesday..julie

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

Lorna, I love how you've displayed all of the white in the china cabinet witht he red toile behind it. It looks so pretty. The white is just striking against the red. laurie

Blondie's Journal said...


If I were to really collect anything in a serious way, it would be white or creamware. I know it is getting trendy but I am having my kitchen at our lake house done in white on white so I am on the hunt for white dishes.

Love how you threw in the melons!!

Have a wonderful week! :-D


Cass @ That Old House said...

It looks as if white items chose YOU! What a nice collection you are building -- and white goes with everything, too. Very useful!

And EVERYTHING is better when you throw in some melons!

Gypsy aka Tam said...

What great 'Three or More' collections. I love your teapots, I have a serious addiction to Teapots and have 'More' then I should LOL.
Have a great week,

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