Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Outdoor Wednesday Camping Trip

It's Outdoor Wednesday with Susan @ A Southern Daydreamer so please pay her a visit to see more fun alfresco style. Last weekend, our family went on our first camping trip for the summer to a nearby county park called Hurkey Creek. It's located near Idyllwild in the San Jacinto Mountains. I thought I'd snap some pictures of the terrain as we head east of Temecula and pass through some California desert.

This is me and my littlest one at the beginning of our trip. Oh how cool and comfortable I felt. But after a couple of days of hundred degree heat, no electricity or running water, I neither looked nor felt the way I did in this picture!

I'm not a big desert fan. Just a bunch of rocks and dirt. Where are the trees?

There they are. We are now passing through Garner Valley. A very pretty area with a lot of horse ranches.

Yay, more trees!

Here's a glimpse of Lake Hemet. Fishing is good here. My 6 year old caught a catfish and a trout.

Some cattle on my side of the road.

Hurray, we're here!
I just love to see tents being pitched among pine trees.
Now you may wonder how a family of 11 plus 2 dogs and 2 puppies go camping. Let me show you. Well, here's the main house.
And here's the room addition.

Here are my cousins relaxing after a couple of hours of mountain biking.

I came prepared to keep the little ones cool.

Even the 2 year olds are on relaxation mode.

Lots of creepy crawlies like this one. Doesn't it look prehistoric? Oh the joys of camping!

Now, this is my definition of relaxation. You know me, I love my tea, so even in the wilderness I come prepared! A cup of chocolate mint tea with a brownie. Ahhhh... Sure, its on a paper plate and my mug is not bone china, but hey, I'm roughin'it!

Hope you enjoyed our camp out. Happy Outdoor Wednesday and Happy Trails!!

Till next time,

Monday, June 29, 2009

Betty Crocker, Then and Now

Hi all, it's 2nd Time Around Tuesday again hosted by Diane @ A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words. Please stop by to see more 2nd hand treasures.

Before I share I'd like to take a moment to muse about the goings on at the Lace and Ivy Cottage. It's been only 3 months since I discovered the world of blogging and what an adventure it's been. I've met the most creative, thrifty, and friendly women from all over these United States of ours and somehow the world doesn't seem so big anymore. I've been able to see parts of our country, Europe, and Asia through the eyes of fellow bloggers. I've shared in your excitement over Dollar Tree and thrift shop finds. I've seen ingenuity in reusing found and 2nd hand items. What a way to go Green! And I've seen the most talented home designers that could outdo any HGTV design star! Thank you all for the inspiration!

I'm happy to announce that one of my Lemon Blossom sisters have joined the Blogger family! Welcome, Sharon, I can't wait to see what you've got in store for us. She's got the neatest stories to tell about her family in Kentucky. I'd also like to say hello to her daughter, Michelle, in the Bluegrass state. Michelle, you've got an incredible mom and I'm honored to be her friend! You can be sure that I'll post what your mom and I have been up to with the Lemon Blossom League, and although we love to have crazy fun, we'll try to keep out of trouble! : ) If you'd like to read about the Lemon Blossom League, you can click here.

Ok, I'm ready now. Are any of you out there fans of Romantic Homes Magazine? If you're a magazine addict like me, you probably have way too many magazines lying around from years past, opening them up time and again and finding something you missed since the last time you opened it. Well, this is a May 2008 issue that I was savoring for the nth time, really soaking up the details of the pages.

I came across an article that featured a vintage c.1950's Betty Crocker cookbook. Here are a couple of the pages featuring it.

Just a few days after reading this article, look what I spotted on a shelf at a local thrift store for $1. I couldn't believe it! It's a 1959 publication on the how to's of entertaining.

That was then, this is now. This is my beloved Betty Crocker cookbook that's about 15 years old. I keep all my favorite recipes, all stained and some handwritten, tucked inside this cookbook. I've told my eldest son, that if anything should ever happen to me, you know where to find my recipes!
Let's take a peek inside the vintage one.

This is definitely before the Evite.

I wonder if the Gay Nineties referred to the 1890's? Isn't Charlotte Russe a store at the mall?

The picture on the top left is the Charlotte Russe.

You know how I love tea!

This is Canadian Cheese Soup. Any Canadians out there familiar with this recipe?

When I got home, I showed my DH the magazine and cookbook I found. Even he was astonished that I found it. Honestly, sometimes I think these things find me! Happy 2nd Time Around Tuesday everyone. Thanks for stopping by!

Till next time,

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Walking Tour of San Juan Capistrano

Let's continue our tour of San Juan Capistrano today with Susan @ A Southern Daydreamer for Outdoor Wednesday. Please pay her a visit for more outdoor adventures. Remember the Lemon Blossom League? If you haven't yet seen our tea luncheon please click here, you're in for a treat! I think Candy and I look rather lemony, don't you agree? So, c'mon and follow us girls as we take a walking tour of San Juan Capistrano.

This is a private residence on the historic Los Rios Street, California's oldest neighborhood.

Some homes have been converted into businesses, like this cottage boutique. Allison @ A Little Shabby Always Chic asked me if I visited the shop across the street from the tea house. Yes I did, Allison, and it was wonderful!

This was a vacant house for rent. Guess how much? A whopping $3,500/month and it looks like a fixer, too.

One home was turned into a museum.

A man named Sr. Garcia built this home in the 1800's. According to the docent, he refused to sell his property, then he was murdered. Sounds like something from a Wild West flick. His ghost is reportedly seen on the front porch smoking his cigar. I didn't know ghosts could smoke cigars. Well, no spooks here, let's go inside.

This home, though modest, boasts modern conveniences for its time.

I will no longer complain about my laundry or about my refrigerator space!

I thought the shape of this commode was interesting. Naughty, naughty, someone left the seat up!

Just a couple of blocks over is the famous Mission San Juan Capistrano.

4th grade students in California are required to study the missions and create mission models.

A statue of Father Junipero Serra with a Native American boy greets visitors.

This is the very rustic dining room of the padres.

The Father Serra Chapel is small but ornate. Masses continue to be held here today.

I hope you enjoyed a tour of one of California's gems, San Juan Capistrano. Thanks for visiting and Happy Outdoor Wednesday!

Till next time,

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