Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day Tea Part I

Welcome to the Lace and Ivy Cottage and the very first Tea Time Tuesday!

Thank you, Barb @ Grits and Glamour for hosting this fun, new event. Make sure to visit her to see more tea themed splendor!

This premier of Tea Time Tuesday couldn't have come at a better time, because my mom, sister, and I threw a cozy little tea party for Mother's Day. My mom was visiting from the Philippines and my sister from New York and it's been years since we've all been together. We spent the evening sharing recipes and setting up my tea things. My sis and I were up until 2 a.m. chatting, and up again early the next morning assembling sandwiches, making salads, baking, and arranging flowers. My aunt joined us in the afternoon for our tea party.

The photos are courtesy of my sis and her fancy camera. Here are some samplings of the tea accoutrements.

I got this idea of using colored sugar crystals from a tea room I had visited. It's a lot of fun for the children to use.

I served a Paris blend and Pomegranate Oolong by Harney and Sons.

I finally got to use my tea pot warmer I bought from Old Town Temecula last month.

This is one of my favorite teacups.

Do you remember this English tea pot I found at a thrift shop? Here she is again in all her glory.

I truly enjoy the whole tea experience and serving my guests.

My aunt and Mom had a lot of catching up to do. What a better way to do it than over tea!
Here's my beautiful sis and my darling daughter.

Unfortunately, not everyone in my family is as civilized and refined as my 4 year old daughter. Case in point...

Be sure to visit again. I'll be posting more about this tea this week.

Till next time,


Barb @ GritsandGlamour said...

Oh Lorna - that last pic is a hoot. How funny! What a sport that he let you take a pic. Now does he know he is featured on your blog? LOL

What a beautifully, special day you had. Look at all that prep work. The table is simply divine.
I love the tea warmers, they are wonderful. Will have to look for some of those.

Thanks so much for joining in the first ever TTT. I look forward to more postings in the future.

Blessings, Barb

Happy To Be said...

First let me say this was a elegant and lovely tea table...the last picture still has me laughing too funny girl...thanks for sharing and giving me a much needed laugh...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

Kammy said...

Hi Lorna,
I knew you would have a "real" tea party ! I love all your pots and
such fun family photos ! I need more tea pots but, they are really hard to find at the discount stores...guess everyone else wants them too ! I only own 1 set which I got ready a couple of days ago
just for this party :o)
Hugs ~ Kammy

Allidink said...

Lorna what a nice day you had! I need a teapot warmer now haha. It looks to me like you had the best Mother's Day out of anyone I know. lol.

All the best,

Tammy518 said...

What a beautiful tea! I wish I could have been there. The food and tea all look yummy, and your house is beautiful!

kate said...

thanks for visitng me on Tea Time Tuesday!!! I love your blog and all your photos and thanks for hosting a Tea Party for us to see.

Cami @ Creating Myself said...

What an elegant, lovely, FUNNY post...I so enjoyed it!

I've seen those teapot warmers before but I like your's the best I think.

Thought it interesting that my word verification is becup. ;o)

ceekay said...

Your tea party looks beautiful and a lot of fun. I have never seen the colored sugar and your teapot warmer is fantastic! Very nice...well, maybe one of your guests seems a little confused....!!

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

I love the teapot warmers. What a great idea.

Even with all the pretty pictures, my favorite was the last one. I have a similar picture of my dad except he was at a table with a wig on!

It is one of my favorite pictures of my childhood. :)

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful tea. You must have made them all feel so special!
I cracked up when I saw your 'party
crasher'. I couldn't see your daughter's face, but I bet she was laughing!
Susan in NV

xinex said...

Oh Lorna, what a beautiful tea party! Can't get any better than having family from out of town and all the way from the Philippines? How exciting~ And isn't it nice to be able to display all your fine tea sets? Love the teapot warmer! Have a nice visit! Your table was beautiful and your refined little daughter is a cutie!!...Christine

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

Lorna, this tea party is so pretty. Everything looks so girly and sweet for Mother's Day! I'm sure your family members enjoyed it so much. What a beautiful family you have. laurie

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