Tuesday, April 21, 2009

What's On Your Wall Wednesday

I'd like to pause for a moment and ramble about my blogging adventure thus far. It's been just over a month since I started and I am amazed at how much I've learned, the new friends I've met in blogland, and the fun I've had participating in a variety of posts hosted by creative and talented bloggers. I must have bookmarked a hundred blogs. I have so many favorites and I find more and more each week. Most of all, I'm tickled that there are so many women out there who share similar interests as me. When I first discovered the world of blogs, I told my hubby, "There are actualy women out there who get just as excited about a yard sale or thrift shop find as I do!" Oh, and the talent and creativity so many of you possess - what an inspiration! I feel like I've been invited to tour your homes from all over the continent, share recipes, crafts and decorating ideas, receive words of spiritual wisdom, get giddy over a $100 item found for $1, and on and on. I'd also like to thank all of you who visit and leave comments on my blog. They're so encouraging and fun to read. I'm still at my infancy with blogging, taking one baby step at a time, but I'm soaking it all in like a sponge and loving every minute of it!

Okay, thanks for bearing with me, I digress. Now for the fun stuff. Today I've joined Barb at Grits and
Glamour for What's on Your Wall Wednesday. I don't have too many walls (dh and I have torn down so many walls in our home while renovating) but I do have a couple special things I'd like to share with you. I purchased two reproductions of medieval art of the Madonna and Child during a trip I took to Spain back in 2000. I purchased them from one of the many ancient cathedrals we toured. They are both painted on a heavy board of solid wood. I hand carried this one all the way back to the U.S. My hand almost bled carrying it by the packing twine, but it was worth it. You can click on the pictures to enlarge them.

They hang in our music room against red walls. The Virgin is flanked by angels playing instruments.

This smaller one fit in my suitcase. It hangs opposite the other, next to an antique English armoire (my very first antique I purchased when I was 21).

Though I can't boast that I got them at an estate sale, flea market, or thrift shop for a dollar, there are some things that are priceless or worth every penny.

Till next time,



Allidink said...

Hi! I have just found your blog :) Great post! I have just started blogging too and it's the best. So much inspiration to find from everyone in blogland! These are wonderful Madonna pieces you have. I've been to Spain and it is my favorite European country. :)

All the best,

Barb @ GritsandGlamour said...

What a wonderful post! I couldn't agree more about the world of blogging. It is truly an amazing place. I love, love, love your artwork. And the fact that your hands "bled" makes it that much more special. :-D (That brings back a lot of memories in fact!)
I can't wait to see more of your posts and visit your home. It sounds lovely! Thanks so much for joining in this week's WOYWW! Blessings, Barb

Kathleen Ellis said...

WOW! stunning pieces of artwork! They do look FABulous on the red walls, too! Thank you for sharing!

Crystal said...

What heavenly art! It's amazing what women will go through for their treasures...they're almost like babies to us! Great post. Please, digress away...I enjoy!

xinex said...

Hi Lorna, I know what you mean about blogging., I meet so many wonderful friends and get so many great ideas too. I love your religious icons. I have always liked them, bought some from Italy and Russia myself....Christine

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

Those are absolutely gorgeous, and worth all of the trouble of carrying the one on the plane. I agree with you about the blogging. I never thought I would become soooo involved in it, but it's hard not to with so many wonderful women in Blogville. laurie

Debbie said...

I've only been blogging for about five months myself. I'm not able to blog as much as I would like right now because I have a new grandbaby and I'm helping out my daughter, but I do love it. Welcome....love your pieces on your walls too. Debbie

Chari said...

Ohhh...what a beautiful post! I just adore the medieval art of the Madonna and Child! Not only are the pictures fabulous but the framing is gorgeous! What a lucky lady you are to have these beautiful treasures!!!

Warmest wishes,

Anonymous said...

HI Lorna,
I just popped over from Grits and Glamour and am a new bloggie too.(as of Valentine's Day this yr).LOVE your medieval paintings and the story behind them makes them even more special!
Thanks so much for sharing.
Love your blog name:)


Terrie's Lil' Piece of Serenity said...

Welcome to blogland. I have been here for about a year. You are so right. Who would have thought we would ever create such great friendships in cyperspace. This is my first visit to your blog. It is beautiful. I love your art piece. Please stop by my blog whenever you have a moment to say, "Hi!"
I will be back. ~Terrie~

Bernideen's Tea Time Blog said...

I enjoyed my visit to your post! I too love antiques and have many -all the ones I boutght when I was 1st married over 41 years ago and more that we have added! They have so much character!

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