Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tea Room with a Spooky Twist

You must think that all I do is go to tea rooms, but really I don't. Just once a month at best. But since my mom was leaving for New York to visit my sister, I thought I'd take her to another tea room I'd been wanting to try before she left. It's called Rebecca's Garden Tea Room at the Chimes in Lake Elsinore, CA. It's located in an 1887 bath house which has been converted to an antique mall. The exterior has a unique Victorian gingerbread design with Moorish influence. Once inside there's a long corridor full of western type antiques. My first impression was "spooky" and it was unusually cold inside as well. Now you know how I love antiques, but this place just gave me the creeps.

Then there's this sign on the wall. This place is reportedly haunted. I don't know what your opinion is on ghosts, but if you were here, you couldn't deny that it was eerie.

Along the corridor were rooms that originally housed bath tubs. I don't know why they put this skeleton in here. I felt like I was in a carnival fun house. The other rooms had antiques, but the coldness and spookiness were not conducive to shopping.

Finally, the light at the end of the tunnel! The tea room was small but very cottagey.

It was decorated with cheerful spring colors, which made you forget about the dreary hallway you had to take to get there. Unfortunately, you had to travel that corridor to get to the restroom.

We were served warm chocolate chip and blueberry scones which were divine.

Yes, she's a pro. She likes her tea with milk and sugar.

In addition to the tea sandwiches, we were served macaroni and cheese and a beautiful crustless quiche.

Overall, it was a delightful tea. Next time, I'll use the back door which leads straight to the tea room!

Till next time,



June said...

Feel like I just walked through the spooky hallway and finally have a taste of a cup of hot tea.

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

Yum! This looks so charming and delicious! laurie

xinex said...

Oh what a neat and interesting place, Lorna! Thanks for sharing....Christine

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