Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Rooster Tablescape

Hello, fellow tablescapers! It's that time again for dishaholics in blogland to come out of the woodwork. Yes, there are many of us lurking out there, so please take the time to visit Susan @ BNOTP for more participants.

Many of us in blogland are rooster lovers. I, included, have been one for many years.

Oh, I've tried to overcome this unusual attraction to these plump, feathered friends by even ridding my home of excess poultry paraphernalia, but there were a few stragglers left behind. Why, oh why, did I subscribe to that "Less is More" mentality! To this day, I regret letting go of a pair of antique rooster lamps!

This lucky pair survived my momentary madness of "simplifying."

Although I do have my rooster collection of the indoor variety under control...

I can't say as much for the outdoor variety.

They can only hope never to find themselves on my dinner table as part of a tablescape!

Till next time,


Allison Shops said...

Aw, real chickens/roosters. Sunflowers are one of my favorite flowers. Dropping by from BNOTP.


Allie and Pattie said...

What is it about roosters that makes us love them?? Such a happy table- I love it!
xoxo Pattie

Kathleen said...

Your table is very cheerful! Love the tureen!
I do not collect roosters..I know I am the odd one in blogland. :)

Southern Touch Catering said...

My mom was a real rooster lover too & dad raises them! I feel your pain over getting rid of your lamps, I did the same with my tea pot collection a few years back & ask myself all the time "what was I thinking!"


Hello, What a bright and cheery table. I love the blue and yellow and your flowers are beautiful. I love roosters to and did a tablescape with them a few weeks ago. My tablescape this week is of a Mother's Day Centerpiece that I designed for me:) You can find the post on my rooster tablescape at:

rojospa said...

Very pretty table! I love the tureen and the white pitcher, of course I love anything white! Have a wonderful Thursday! Lisa

illini89 said...

very nice! Love the roosters!

Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

Very pretty table, and I love your outdoor variety!

Debbie@Debbie-Dabble said...

What a beautiful tablescape!!
Everything is just beautiful!

Mimi said...

Being a rooster lover and living in the Sunflower State, you know I absolutely adore your table! I have a cookie jar very similar to the one you have...but my favorite is that lovely tureen. Thanks for sharing.

Maryrose said...

Hi Neighbor,
Love this table. I don't collect roosters but I love to see them displayed in a tablescape. Love the colors and everything about your table. I even like the outdoor ones as long as they stay outdoors and not on your table ;) too funny.
Enjoy your day.

Mrs. P. said...

Great table....I love the little potted flowers! We have some backyard hens and I am VERY attracted to rooster/chicken *things* but I am not so much a fan of the real thing :)


The Tablescaper said...

So fun! Love all the color.

- The Tablescaper

Miss Merry said...

Love the roosters! and the sunflowers are the perfect contrast. Your bright colors are so joyful.

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