Tuesday, March 17, 2009

One, Two, Three, Go!

Do you remember how it was when you first learned to ride a bike? You could imagine yourself perfectly balanced on two wheels, brimming with confidence. You swing your leg over the bike... that hard, skinny seat between your legs... you suddenly feel awkward and uncomfortable... that confidence begins to wane. One foot on the peddle - PUSH! Your other foot lands on the ground before your tire makes even one revolution. You repeat the process, inching your way down the street, when finally you keep both feet on the peddles, your handle bars jerking left and right. You gain momentum. One, two, three revolutions... you're doing it! You're riding! The wind blows through your hair, the freedom, the exhilaration!

Such is my experience with blogging. I am not only a newbie, but up until a few weeks ago, I didn't even know what a blog was. But such is life. Full of discoveries, opportunities, and challenges. Today I am on my bike (or blog) for the first time. I can imagine myself writing freely, uploading pictures effortlessly, creating beautiful designs, and maneuvering around blogland with comfort,ease, and confidence! But in reality I'm still on training wheels. I'm clumsy and awkward and can't find my way around. It's trial and error. But I'm on my bike, two feet still on the ground, and ready for the challenge. So bear with me , please. I have a lot to learn, but I'm so excited to be a part of the blogging world. I have so much to share, and it promises to be a great adventure. Come along with me for the ride!


Theresa @ Take A Sentimental Journey said...

Hi Lorna, welcome to blogland, you are going to love it ! Looks like you are off to a good start . Your header is so pretty . I seen where you are following me , thank you so much ! We all like followers and comments !
It looks like you are a very busy mom . Wow, 9 children . I will see if I can get you some visitors over here. I will put you on my blog today .

Smilingsal said...

Good morning, Lorna,
Theresa sent me. My daughter is a very successful homeschooling mom with two of her children already in the early admissions program in college! I've only been blogging since June 13th, and I've found so many sweet people.
If you like to read, I'm having a book giveaway as I read and review books.

Joyce said...

Hi Lorna! Heard about you from Theresa and want to welcome you to blogland. We were all in your shoes when starting our blogs and any ofus would be more than happy to help you get your bearings. Your header is beautiful and your first post is heartwarming so you are off to a great start! I will visit often. I'm anxious to hear about your adventures!!

Rose Haven said...

Welcome to Blogland Lorna!

I read about you on Theresa's blog...and decided to come right over. Tom and I love tea and tea parties, antiquing and thrifting, decorating (which I'm in the midst of), cooking and baking (oh, yes...Tom LOVES that part, cuz he gets to eat it!)

Yesterday, I posted about the BREAK Tom and I are taking from Blogging...til EASTER...to finish "stuff" around Rose Haven (our home). But, then...the 16th of April, I will be hosting a TEA PARTY on our blog. (You can check it out by clicking on TEA PARTY picture unders ours on our blog.) We'd love to have you join us.


Tootsie said...

welcome to blog land friend...stop by and say hi when you can!

Jeanne said...

Hi Lorna, boy, it is late for me but that is what I get for sleeping on the couch all evening. I hate that. WELCOME to blogging Lorna. I am sure you will catch on fast and get hooked on blogging pretty quick. Theresa sent me over and I am glad she did.


Valerie@travelingthrough2 said...

Hi Lorna, I too have come from Theresa's blog. My children (5) are pretty much grown and on their own, except for my youngest son and he is away at college. I work late evenings so tend to either blog late or on the weekends. Have fun with blogging!

Edie Marie's Attic said...

Hi Lorna!

Welcome to a wonderful world of wonderful women that will become friends in no time at all! We're all so excited when someone new appears. I learned about blogging the same way you are, one step at a time. If you ever need help just let one of us know and we'll be glad to!

Blogging is so much fun, you're going to love it! We all love vintage things and the sweet stories that make them so special. It's so nice to meet you!!

big hugs, Sherry

Bonnie said...

Hi Lorna, I discovered your site with surfing through Blogville. Congratulations on Lace and Ivy Cottage, I think you'll enjoy blogging it's a lot of fun and feeds your creative energy.

Stop by and visit with me we seem to enjoy the same things, yard sales, thrift shops, and good books especially anything Austen!

I look forward to reading more posts from you. Let's do tea....enjoy your day!

Anonymous said...

Good afternoon Lorna, Theresa sent me over to say hello. Welcome to blog land. I've been blogging just a little over a year and I love it. You meet the most amazing people here. Best of luck in your new adventure!

krystyna said...

Hi Lorna
and Welcome to this beautiful Blogland!
Your start is amazing!

Thanks to Theresa I am here.

Good luck!

Joanne Kennedy said...

Well I can tell you are going to be a big hit! You have a great way with words. Love how you compared riding a bike to blogging. I remember when I first started mine. I thought "What in the world am I doing?" Do I really have enough to write about that people will want to read about. Well it's been almost a year later and I have met some wonderful people. Both out in blogland and also in person.

So welcome aboard! May you have many years here and enjoy every minute of it.


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